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Urbanium Eyewear has been working hard on providing perfect lifestyle sunglasses for over 20 years. The main focus has always been on the eyes of the customers, ensuring the most pleasant viewing experience possible.

For this reason, each Urbanium sunglass comes with a high-quality polarization filter. This prevents the unpleasant and harmful effects on the eyes, formed by sunlight. Urbanium sunglasses enables significant relaxation of the eyes compared to common sunglasses.

Urbanium sunglasses with reading section, no more changing of glasses!

The polarized Urbanium sunglasses have a 'reading section' cut into the lower part of the glasses. This enables you to read a menu, a navigation system, a book as well as to recognize colleagues two tables away when enjoying a sunny day.

Urbanium Eyewear is unique and offers ALL-IN-ONE solutions.
  • Polarized polycarbonat sunglasses
  • Reading section 
  • UV400 protection
  • Filter cat. 3
  • Strong and unbreakable Grilamid TR90 frame
  • Different models to suit many purposes

Urbanium sunglasses with reading section are offered in strengths +1.5, +2.0 and +2.5. The Urbanium Eyewear range consists of 4 models, something for everyone!

Urbanium Rio
Inspired by the elongated shapes of a Harley and combined with the attributes of classic motorcycle glasses. Made for extended tours, but also suitable for other outdoor sports activities. The Urbanium Rio comes with a rubber nose area for a comfortable fit. The round glasses ensure an aerodynamic fit.

Urbanium London
Perfect on every occasion. The lightest model weighs just 20g and protects against lateral sunlight and wind. The Urbanium London is easy going and suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities. Anglers, hikers, watersport enthusiast and bikers love them. The brown glasses ensure a warm look and the rubber nose area gives a comfortable fit.

Urbanium Monaco
Inspired by the classic oversized glasses of the Hollywood stars of the 50s and 60s, made for relaxed reading on the beach, in the park or at home. The big brown glasses ensure a warm look and protect the eyes from wind and sun.

Urbanium New York
Some say Blues Brother, some say classics. The wayfarer look of the Urbanium New York is timeless and can be combined with almost anything. Made for sunday trips as well as for relaxed reading on a boat or terrace.