What is the difference between Tear-Aid and Solution Tape?
Technically there is no difference. Multi Solution Tape and Tear-Aid A are technically the same and PVC Solution Tape and Tear-Aid B are fully exchangeable. Solution Tape and Tear-Aid are packed differently.
Printed on the paper protection of a Tear-Aid patch, you will find the Tear-Aid logo. Solution Tape can aslo be delivered in a width of 3,2cm.

In the following you can replace Multi Solution Tape by Tear-Aid A and PVC Solution Tape by Tear-Aid B.

What type of Tape should I use for the repair of my product?
There are 2 types: Tear-Aid A and Tear-Aid B. The first type is suitable for most products, such as: neoprene, nylon, plastic, Gore-Tex, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyurethane, (untreated) leather, acrylic, plexiglas, aluminimum, polyester, hypalon, dacron, cotton, foil gauze and even more. Tear-Aid B is only suitable for repair of PVC/Vinyl (coated) products.

Can this tape be used under water or on wet surfaces?
Only type B can be applied on damp soil. For quick bonding, however, it is better to stick on a clean and dry surface. In case of repairs under water or on damp material, the humidity must be pushed away as much as possible immediately after application. This can be done by hand. Type A can only be applied on dry surfaces. 
I do not know what material my product was made of, what should I choose?
It is very important to determine in advance on which material you will use the tape. It is best to approach the supplier or manufacturer about this. If you have a piece of residual material, you can also try which type is most suitable. After you have pasted it, you can see which type gives the best result after 24 hours. If you still doubt afterwards, choose Tear-Aid A. This tape initially covers PVC/Vinyl as well but will, after a period of time, dry out and turn yellow.

What is the temperature range of the tape?
The temperature range is between -28 to +71 degrees Celsius. This makes it suitable for many applications. However, this tape is not guaranteed outside this temperature range. The tape should preferably be applied at room temperature. Below 5 degrees Celsius, the strength of the adhesive layer is too low to make a good connection with the material.

Can a tear in an inflatable product be repaired with the tape?
Both tapes are suitable for repairs to all kinds of inflatable products up to a pressure of approximately 4 bar. The tape is therefore extremely suitable for repairs to bouncers, airbeds, inflatables, waterbeds, etc.

I have just repaired a fabric and wonder at what temperature I can wash it?
You can wash repaired fabrics by hand. However, It is important that the adhesive side of the tape remains as dry as possible. Depending on the applied material, it can also be washed in the washing machine at low temperature (20 degrees).
Can I repair pond liner with this tape?
With pond liner, the shelf life of the repair material is of great importance. The tape ensures extremely long adhesion and is absolutely waterproof. Pond foil can therefore be repaired quickly and easily with this tape. Which type you use depends on the type of foil. You use type A on PE or EPDM pond liner. PVC pond films are repaired with type B.

Is the tape suitable for tent repairs?
The outside of a tent is usually made of nylon, polyester or cotton. Often these substances are protected against humidity and rain with a PU, PVC coating or silicone coating. The tape is suitable for PU and PVC coatings. However, the use on silicone is problematic and therefore not advised.
Type A is suitable for the inside of tents as well as on the PU-coated outside. Type B gives optimal results repairing PVC or PVC coated tents.

Is the tape also suitable for the repairs of rubber boats?
Yes, because the tape is flexible and always returns to its original state, it is a great repair tape for rubber boats and other inflatable objects. In addition, the tape is absolutely water- and airtight.

The tape can also be used as a protective layer in places that are prone to damage or leak, such as the front or bottom of canoes and boats!
A leak in your waterbed?
The tape is very stretchable, waterproof and can be used at high pressure. The high demands on waterbeds are therefore equally applicable to a good repair tool. Experience and tests have shown that this tape is the most suitable repair tape for waterbeds. As a rule, ons uses Tear-Aid B for Waterbeds (PVC), but there are also waterbeds made of other fabrics. In these cases type A is recommended. If in doubt, consult the manual. As an alternative, you can also test it yourself by sticking on both types and check for the best results.

Air mattresses are often rolled up, folded and sometimes inflated with high air. Will the tape also stick?
Because the tape is very flexible and strong, it stays unchanged. The tape has an optimal connection with the airbed and adheres completely to the material.
Before repairing, check which material your airbed is made of. For PVC air mattresses use Tear-Aid B. For all other materials choose type A.

Can I also buy other dimensions?
In addition to the packaging displayed in the shop, we can offer all the lengths that you want. The standard widths are 3.2, 7.6 or 15.2 cm. Send an E-mail with your request and provide as accurate a statement of quantities and dimensions as possible.

Other questions?
Send your E-mail to info@tear-solution.com and we will notify you as soon as possible with a response.